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Founder – Jan Vermeiren

Hi! Nice to meet you!

Since we regularly get the question what the background of this project is, I gladly share my successes and failures which led to the Compassionate Leader project.

I know what it is to:

  • Put a lot of energy in building something from scratch out of a passion: my previous company Networking Coach which nobody believed in at first.
  • Be very successful:
    • International best sellers “Let’s Connect!” and “How to REALLY use LinkedIn”
    • Serviced more than 450 organizations all over the world including large multinational companies like Alcatel, Deloitte, IBM, ING, Nike, Orange, Philips, Rabobank, Siemens and lots of associations.
    • Guest lecturer for the international MBA programs of Vlerick Business School (Belgium) and Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands).
    • The first official training partner of LinkedIn worldwide.
  • Almost go bankrupt with the Generous Networkers project.
  • Doubt myself and have a burn-out.
  • Reflect about what happened and share the insights (in the book “Life is a Game!”).
  • And finally from a renewed connection with my passions bring something new to the world: Soul Business and The Compassionate Leader.

In other words I know what it is to (often alone) bring something new to the world, with ups and downs, with LOTS of trial and error. I know what it is to go deep to look at my fears and hurts and that it is not always easy to find the balance between being powerful and being vulnerable. I know what it is to come up with new ideas and solutions that are not always understood or ahead of the right time (like an agile and self-organizing team). And how important it is to be compassionate for myself and others. Especially in unknown and new situations where there are no “manuals” yet.

I now also know that we are here to – however strange this might sound in some organizations – spread love in our unique way, via our professional activities, both as individuals and organizations. And that is important to be compassionate (= powerful and gentle at the same time) when love is covered by other things like fear, anger or misunderstandings.

I’m both the host/facilitator and a fellow student of becoming a more Compassionate Leader every day. If you feel related to this, join the community and let’s co-create!


  • Book Let’s Connect! (2006)
  • CD Let’s Connect at an Event! (2007)
    • English, Dutch, French
  • Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course (2008)
  • Book How to REALLY use LinkedIn (2009)
    • English, Dutch
  • The Network Box (2010)
  • Book How to REALLY use LinkedIn second edition (2011)
  • Book The Power of LinkedIn (2014)
  • Book Life is a Game! (2015)
  • Book The Compassionate Leader (2019).