Book The Compassionate Leader

How to Create the Space for an Inspiring Vibe.

One of the myths in business is that people resist change. Not everybody resists change. And the ones who do, don’t resist the change, but the tensions that come with change.

As a consequence, the first step is to see in which vibe an individual or team resides. Is that the negative or neutral vibe then change will usually be considered as negative. If it is the positive or inspiring vibe, then change is welcomed as an opportunity. In the positive and inspiring vibe people are also willing to enthusiastically pursue goals and contribute to the purpose of the organization.

The reason that tensions by people in the negative or neutral vibe are considered as negative and why they get stuck in those vibes, is that they don’t know how to deal with the tensions. They don’t have any tools or techniques at their disposal.

The key to successfully working together and reaching the goals of (change) projects is: first raise the vibe in the day-to-day operations. And only then implement large or small change projects.

The book The Compassionate Leader provides you with the right tools:

  1. The D.U.E.T. framework includes techniques to solve the different kinds of tension (practical, personal or interpersonal). As a consequence, the vibe of an individual or team rises automatically. Meaning: increased results in a more vibrant atmosphere.
  2. A specific approach for leaders and coaches to facilitate others in this process: Compassionate Leadership.

The tools, techniques and insights are presented via the practical case of the fictitious company Gizmo Objects Inc. in which the story of manager Catherine shows how step by step the space is created for the inspiring vibe, where results and well-being reinforce each other.

The Compassionate Leader is the fourth book of Jan Vermeiren, who received worldwide recognition with his books Let’s Connect! and How to REALLY use LinkedIn. With his current company he supports leaders and coaches to become Compassionate Leaders who guide individuals and teams into the inspiring vibe.