Upcoming sessions:

6/12/201909:00-17:00Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience (FULL)LierDutch
10/12/201909:00-17:00Compassionate Leader & Facilitator ExperienceGentDutch
27/12/201909:00-17:00Compassionate Leader & Facilitator ExperienceLierDutch
22/01/202009:00-17:00Compassionate Leader & Facilitator ExperienceLierDutch
28/01/202009:00-17:00Compassionate Leader & Facilitator ExperienceUtrechtDutch
19/02/202009:00-17:00Compassionate Leader & Facilitator ExperienceLierDutch
20/03, 21/03, 24/04, 25/04, 05/06 en 06/06/202009:00-22:00 and 09:00-17:00Raise the Vibe – Group ProgramFlemish ArdennesDutch

Remarks: we plan live events in the regions where there are enough community members. If you feel that an event should be organized in your region nonetheless, please contact us.