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Compassion Technique© Live Workshop

Jan Vermeiren, the founder of The Compassionate Leader and the creator of the Compassion Technique©.

If you have watched the free video of the Compassion Technique, attended a webinar or presentation or were coached by a facilitator who used the Compassion Technique and now want to use it yourself to release more and more tension in your life, you can attend a live Compassion Technique workshop.

Contents of the live workshop

During a live half-day Compassion Technique workshop you will:

  • Understand the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion and why it is crucial to get tension transformed.
  • Discern between the four steps of the D.U.E.T.© process and why the Compassion Technique is crucial to transform tension into growth.
  • Experience a facilitated Compassion Technique group session.
  • Receive a personal Compassion Technique session from another participant.
  • Facilitate someone else to go through the steps of the Compassion Technique.

In this way you will not only have transformed some tensions in your own life, but also have experienced the power of the Compassion Technique from different angles.

No prerequisites

There aren’t any prerequisites to attend a live Compassion Technique session since it is easy to apply and no personal stories have to be shared (the Compassion Technique is an internal process that is applied in silence).


When you attend a live Compassion Technique workshop, the online Compassion Technique DIY kit is included. So you can keep applying it afterwards, even when there are no other people around to facilitate you.

You can attend a live Compassion Technique workshop for 149 euro (excl. VAT).

Note: if you are a coach, therapist, trainer, facilitator or leader who wants to use the Compassion Technique in one-on-one settings or to facilitate group sessions, check out the Compassion Technique Online Kit for Facilitators or a live Compassion Technique Workshop for Facilitators.