Sparring Partner for CEO’s and Business Owners

These are some examples of situations for which leaders contact us:

  • From a negative tension:
    • My team is not functioning anymore and I don’t know what to do.
    • Projects don’t reach their goals.
    • I don’t have a soundboard within the company.
    • The responsibility feels heavy.
    • I have the impression that I’m the bottleneck and I don’t see my own blind spots.
  • From a positive tension:
    • I want to create an inspiring environment where everybody feels good and performs at a high level.
    • There is a lot of potential in my team and I want to support them to tap into it.
    • I want to be the most inspiring leader I can be.
    • I’m looking for insights and tools to develop myself on the one hand and facilitate my team on the other.
    • I want to deepen my relationships within the company and in my private life and make them more fulfilling for all parties involved.

If you feel that you can use some support as CEO, entrepreneur or business owner to become a (more) Compassionate Leader, you can hire Jan for a personal coaching/soundboarding session or an individual Raise the Vibe program.

Note: since Jan deeply commits when working with a leader, he can only do this for 4 leaders during the same period of time. At the moment he is the sparring partner for 2 leaders.

Get in touch and we discuss which approach would best suit you.