The Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience

In order to be successful in a VUCA world, there is a need for high performing people and teams. However, reality is different. According to management consulting firm McKinsey 70% of the change projects doesn’t reach its goals.

This usually isn’t the result of bad intentions or initiatives. The new tools or software, the new sales or marketing approach, the new design of office spaces or the new way of working together are often challenging, but not the reason why so many projects don’t succeed.

The most important reasons are below the surface and hence often overlooked:

  • The vibe of the team. When a team is in a negative vibe, it isn’t ready for a change.
  • The resistance that usually pops up, is not against change, but against the tensions that are created by the changes or against the already existing tensions that are brought to the surface by the project.
  • The kind of leadership or facilitation. When tensions surface, it is not always easy to find the right balance between getting results and keeping relationships healthy.

These rather negative aspects are on one side of the spectrum.

On the other side there are teams that perform well, but still have a lot of unfulfilled potential. In other words, there is a nice atmosphere and people work together well. There is also the desire to grow as an individual or as a team to real high performers who develop themselves to their own benefit and that of the organization they work for.

The same three dimensions are at play:

  • The vibe of the team can be increased till the inspiring level where everybody stimulates and supports one another in reaching their full potential.
  • Tensions arise here as well. However, they are considered as “gifts for growth”. What is lacking: the tools to transform tensions into growth opportunities.
  • Leading and facilitating those teams requires a good balance between strength and vulnerability. In other words, it requires Compassionate Leadership that focuses on equivalent relationships instead of hierarchical ones or (unconscious) parent-child or savior-victim relationships.

The Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience offers insights in those three dimensions plus techniques to transform the tensions. As a result, the vibe will increase.

For Whom

  • CEO’s, business owners and managers.
  • Coaches and facilitators like change/transformation managers, HR business partners, project managers and happiness officers.


The Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience offers a mix of surprising insights combined with practical tips and simple, but powerful techniques that the participants immediately learn to apply.

We work with a small group of 4 participants so we can dive into their daily situations and live cases.


After you have participated in the Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience you will be able to:

  • Detect the difference between a negative, neutral, positive and inspiring vibe in a team and know how to increase it.
  • Confidently deal with frictions in your daily work or in change projects.
  • Track down why people are engaged or disengaged when change projects are implemented or change in general occurs.
  • Explain the four-step D.U.E.T. process to transform tensions into opportunities for growth.
  • Facilitate your team or clients when there are frictions between team members or with colleagues from other departments, with customers or with suppliers.
  • Apply a technique to discover the talents and positive qualities of yourself and of your team members or clients (even when there is negative behavior). You can use this knowledge to empower the people involved to work from their strengths and in harmony with each other.
  • Quickly detect where further growth opportunities are available for yourself and for your team members or clients.

Dates and Location

Dates can be found in the calendar.


The facilitator of the Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience is Jan Vermeiren.

Jan is the founder of the Compassionate Leader, author of the book with the same name (available from September on) and creator of amongst others the D.U.E.T. process and the Compassion Technique.

You can find more information about our mission, purpose, values and Jan’s background on the About Us page.



  • We organize the Experience only in regions where there are enough members of the Compassionate Leaders Community. If there is no Experience planned in your region, but you feel there should be one, please contact us.
  • The Experience is an excellent opportunity to experience if you want to participate in one of the Raise the Vibe Programs or organize an in-company team program to take your team or organization into the inspiring vibe.