Free Compassion Technique Video

Jan Vermeiren, founder of The Compassionate Leader and the creator of the Compassion Technique.

The Compassion Technique has many applications, but the main goals are:

  • To get out of a negative feeling and into a neutral or positive one when you have a conflict with someone or feel tension.
  • To prepare yourself before you will enter a situation that might cause lots of tension with other people.

Potential Results

  • Experience compassion, inner peace and balance within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Carry less emotions from a previous experience into the next one.
  • Notice solutions again when you got stuck.
  • Have fulfilling conversations and relationships.
  • See more possibilities regarding a specific situation.
  • Grow as a person.
  • Raise your consciousness.
  • Feel more freedom in your life.

What Will You Receive?

When you create a free account, you will get access to a video where Jan Vermeiren, the founder of The Compassionate Leader guides you through the steps of the Compassion Technique.

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One Account For All

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Feel free and above all: feel welcome!

Jan and the Compassionate Leader team

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