Free Compassionate Leaders & Facilitators Community

What if companies and organizations were led by Compassionate Leaders?

What if they were supported by Compassionate Facilitators?

What if those leaders and facilitators could have a platform where they can inspire each other, give input on ideas and even co-create and work together on projects?

What if we would do this across borders and industries?

What would the world look like then?

Welcome to the Compassionate Leaders & Facilitators Community, a global community for personal and organizational growth, started in July 2018.

Purpose of the community

Inspire, be inspired by and connect with other (aspiring) Compassionate Leaders & Facilitators.

A Compassionate Leader is someone who leads an organization or team (and a Compassionate Facilitator someone who facilitates them) and is someone:

  • Who is open minded.
  • Who balances:
    • Masculine and feminine energy.
    • Technology and humaneness.
    • Doing and being.
    • Down-to-earthness and spirituality.
    • Fun and getting stuff done.
  • Who is focused on sustainability and desires sustainable relationships on three levels: with others, with themselves and with the planet.
  • Who is vulnerable (which is a source of strength to be present with someone).
  • Who is focused on personal and spiritual development to raise to their own consciousness and that of their organization.
  • Who is curious about differences and offers a safe space for them to be present.
  • Who listens with compassion and speaks from the heart (which doesn’t mean this is soft or fluffy, compassionate leaders can be very direct at addressing pain or tension and point people to their responsibility; the difference is that they do this with compassion).
  • Who solves more tension than creating it.

By being who they are and by living compassionately, they invite others (unconsciously) to become compassionate leaders as well. They inspire by being.

This community connects Compassionate Leaders & Facilitators all around the globe.

What is included?

When you join, you will receive access to the free part of the Training Center which includes:

  • Access to the Facebook Group (which we use as the community forum).

  • Access to the LinkedIn Group (which we use as a directory).

  • The Guide for Business Owners & Managers to Increase Ownership without Worrying about Results. 

  • The e-book “5 Most Overlooked Dynamics that Impact Agile, Self-Organizing and Traditional Teams”.

  • The Compassion Technique video so you can get out of a negative feeling and into a neutral or positive one when you have a conflict with someone or feel tension.

  • From time to time webinars about how to solve tensions, create the space for an inspiring vibe and become an (even more) Compassionate Leader.

In other words: tools and an environment to grow as a person and as a community.

What can you expect inside the community?

  • People who are on the same wavelength. It can be very inspiring and uplifting to meet other leaders or facilitators who are on the same wavelength, especially when you are just one of the few Compassionate Leaders in your organization or when you are a self-employed facilitator.

  • Facebook group (free): ground breaking articles about projects that are changing the world – they will be the start of the discussions and interactions. What they have in common is that they are about an “extension” of compassion, whether towards other people, towards ourselves or towards the planet. The topics revolve around new ways to deal with energy, food supply, cradle-to-cradle production, sharing economy, new business models & ways of working together, meditation, gender equality, balancing masculine and feminine energy, mindfulness and much more.

  • Online and offline events: for example Network Auction, Charity Days and Compassionate Leaders Circles.

  • Experiences / Training: for example The Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience, The Raise the Vibe Program for Facilitators and the Compassionate Leader Course.


  • We are still in beta mode, so we will see what initiatives are valued by you and the other members. Probably we will add and delete a few.
  • The amount and kind of live events depends on the number of members in a region. You will be alerted when the time has come.

You can choose your own involvement

Some people enjoy the interaction with others in online groups, while others only want to participate in an event once a year or even just be in-the-know so they can alert their network of interesting online/offline happenings.

That’s why:

  • We give you the choice of signing up for the Facebook and LinkedIn group or not.
  • We have two different e-mail lists:
    • Weekly digest emails about what is going on in the Facebook group.
    • Monthly emails about live and online events, most discussed topics in the Facebook group, important news, etc.

In this way there is a lot of flexibility: you can choose how much you participate (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, …) and the frequency of alerts.


By joining the Compassionate Leaders & Facilitators Community, you agree to follow these guidelines.

Members who don’t follow them, will be compassionately alerted. If no change in their behavior is detected, they will be removed from the group. In that way we can create a safe and supportive environment.

Why do you have to sign up via this website?

Actually, there are several reasons:

  • Platforms change their functionality all the time. That’s why we don’t use LinkedIn as the community forum (unfortunately). To be able to stay connected with you and to transfer the community to another platform if needed, e-mail is the only way to go for the moment.
  • This small “hurdle” keeps away spammers and people who are not compassionate in their communication (yet). The intention with this community is to offer a space where things can really happen and change can be made for members, their organizations and the world.
  • One account for all. Whether you just want to download the e-book, want to watch the free Compassion Technique video, want to access the free or premium part of the Training Center, want to be part of the community or just want to be kept up-to-date, there is one account for all. In that way we keep it as easy as possible.
  • We are able to notify you when new webinars and live events are organized. Many members are over 40 years old, are very busy meeting people off-line and need e-mail as a trigger. If that’s what our members need, we provide it!

Are you ready? Then …