Raise the Vibe Program

Learn to raise the vibe of an individual or a team

Two of the most important reasons why individuals and teams are not (yet) high performing, is that they are not sufficiently capable of solving different kinds of tensions and that they are not (yet) in the inspiring vibe.

For more insights in the three kinds of tension and the four different vibes, see Our Approach

To change this, we have developed the Raise the Vibe Program.

Raise the Vibe Program

In the Raise the Vibe Program the participants first learn techniques to solve interpersonal, practical and personal tensions. Then they learn how to transform the root or the cause. The result? Better results and more job satisfaction.

We use the four-step D.U.E.T. process to do this. The D.U.E.T. process consists of a set of short, but powerful techniques that are designed to transform the particular tension at hand and if necessary its root.

These are the four steps:

  • Detect and face the tension.
  • Understand and solve the tension.
  • Embrace and transform the root of the tension.
  • Take action.

For all techniques there is special attention to:

  • Incorporating safety and security in order to avoid the creation of new tensions.
  • Short and powerful techniques that can be applied in any situation and are hence compatible with any organization model.
  • Applicability for everybody (in other words, there is no need for a coaching background).

On this page you can read which problems are solved by each of the techniques of the D.U.E.T. process and which results you can expect.


After the Raise the Vibe Program you are able to apply the techniques of the D.U.E.T. process for yourself and with others. This means that you will be able to:

  • Detect the vibe of an individual or team using the Vibe Assessment.
  • Perform the right interventions taking the vibe into account.
  • Calm down someone who feels limited, disadvantaged, not heard or not seen and show them new hopeful perspectives.
  • Address practical problems in a way that stays away from blaming others and motivates the people involved to work towards a solution. And facilitate others to use this approach amongst them.
  • Facilitate taking decisions in a fast and constructive way with buy-in from all people involved.
  • Support someone who experiences stress to get back into their personal power.
  • Mentor people in seeing the positive qualities behind negative behavior. This increases understanding, boosts morale and strengthens cooperation.
  • Detect patterns that cause conflicts between people. And transform them in supportive patterns that foster job satisfaction (and results).
  • Discover blind spots and shadow sides that block a harmonious way of working together. And assist others in doing this for themselves as well.
  • Express yourself in a way that your needs and concerns are heard by others. And teach them how to do that themselves.
  • Support someone to discover their needs or concerns that are hidden below blaming, complaining or other negative behavior so they can (re)contribute to a positive and constructive collaboration.
  • Communicate with others in a way that solves more tensions than create new ones.

For whom

The Raise the Vibe Programma is created for:

  • Leaders, (agile) coaches, trainers, scrum masters, change managers, happiness officers, project managers and others who facilitate individuals or teams.
  • Teams who want to become high performing or true self organizing team.


The Raise the Vibe Program consists of two parts:

  1. Learning all techniques
  2. Sharing experiences (online and offline intervision / peer-to-peer feedback)

There are three formats:

  • Live group training
  • Live duo training
  • Online training with optional live practice sessions

Facilitator: Jan Vermeiren, founder of The Compassionate Leader and author of the book “The Compassionate Leader – How to Create Space for an Inspiring Vibe”.

Live Group Program

The default format is the live group program where participants meet each other face-to-face, learn the techniques of the D.U.E.T. model and practice them.

Logistically this means:

  • Small group: 4 to 8 participants
  • 3 x 1 day training (lunch, drinks and snacks are included)
  • 2 half day intervision/peer-to-peer feedback sessions
  • Access to the online Training Center
  • Access to the private LinkedIn group
  • Optional (not included in the tuition fee): personal coaching sessions

Tuition fee (excl. VAT): 1.995 euro.

Flemish companies can use the KMO Portefeuille (subsidies of the Flemish government). This means:

  • Small enterprise (30% subsidy): 1.397 euro
  • Medium enterprise (20% subsidy): 1.596 euro

Live Duo Program

Since fixed dates are not compatible with everyone’s agenda, we have created an alternative format: the duo program.

This is a variant with two participants and where we arrange the dates together.

You can participate with someone you know or ask us to make a match for you.

The format and the fee are different than the ones of the group program. More specifically:

  • 6 half days training
  • Access to the online Training Center
  • Tuition fee (excl. VAT): 2.850 euro
    • KMOP SB: 1.995 euro
    • KMOP MB: 2.280 euro

Optional (not included in the fee):

  • Participation in the intervision / peer-to-peer feedback group
  • Personal coaching sessions

Online Program

More and more people and organizations are turning to online learning.

That’s why we have created this online version of the program.

This is the format:

  • 8 live online sessions of 1,5 to 2 hours
  • Access to the recordings
  • Access to the online Training Center
  • Tuition fee (excl. VAT): 995 euro
    • KMOP SB: 697 euro
    • KMOP MB: 796 euro

Optional (not included in the fee):

  • Participation in the intervision / peer-to-peer feedback group
  • Personal coaching sessions
  • In-company: live practice sessions (online or classroom) can be added to turn it into a blended learning model

If you are interested in the Raise the Vibe Program, you can find the dates of the next open program in the calendar.

Other Programs

If you want to take it a step further and want to add the dimension of Compassionate Leadership, the Compassionate Leader Program might be something for you. Are you not sure yet, contact us or first participate in a one day Compassionate Leader & Facilitator Experience.

To make it easy, we have created this short comparison of our open programs.

For our open programs we work together with Be The Wellbeing.

In Company or Individual Program

Besides the Raise the Vibe Program as described above, we can also create a variant geared towards the leaders, coaches or team members in your organization. Both in group and individually.

Contact us to discuss the best approach for your situation.